Please enjoy some photos of our cockers with their new families!

Jeni with the Mercer Family

Baxter with new mom, Vi

Taylor & Dixon with Harry & Carol 

Nicole & Scout

Sgt. Pepper & Teaka with the Miller Family

Mary Lynn Gibbs & Tarry

Quin with the Leslie Family

Sassi and The Bailey's

Lily & Paige With Stan & Mary Sylvester

Luigi Owned by Nancy Virden

Kori, Drew and Addison With Karin & Mike Grayston

Lilly with Jerrolyn McVittie

Gracie & Finlay and the Woodward Family

Guiness with Doug & Jane Scott

Emma and the Peppy family

Gabby & Raider with Collin & Joan McLean

Dante with Katrina Veeken & Mike Wish

Leslie and Decker Ivens

Chip with the Hancox family

Cindra with the Fuller Family

Brook with Peg Johnsen

Cally & the Farquhar Family

Oreo & Sylvie

Barnaby & Paris with Margaret Bennett


Keenan with Peggy Parish

 Beth & Peter Saunderson & Charlie

Bella & Hazel Whittingham

Brian, Melinda and Winston

Brenda Seelenmayer & Brody

Proctor Girls &  Tillie (Madison)

Corinne, Glen, Hillsden & Lacy

Darlene & Beau

The Warm family & Trucker

Ann Al Annie & Tess

April & Pat with Walter

Lee Anne & her girls Chelsea and Cassie

Debbie & David Weiss wirh Josie

Marlene, Marggie Mae and Ben Hachert

Jane and Sam Kilby

Patty and Jester Rombough

Scot and Niki with their new boy Bunsen

Sheila and Ann-Lorrie Mackinnon with their girl Lucy Locket

Jessie, Tania Stamm with all their boys including Dexter

William and his new family Pekka and Mia Savals

Brent Lange family & Danny

Christina Myers & Rupert