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~ About Us ~

Vallance Cockers is a home-based family of American Cocker Spaniels. Our cockers are raised in the home, underfoot for socialization, even temperaments and as healthy as can be! We are members of the BC Cocker Spaniel Club & Canadian Kennel Club.

It all started with our old boy Nicker (D.O.B. Dec.24/88) who passed away November 26, 2003 at the ripe age of 14 years, 11 months and 2 days. He was our buff boy and my husbands’ fishing buddy. Although Nick thought he should have been allowed to go hunting his mom (me) didn’t have the courage to allow him to go. 

He had so much energy and was such a love. Our Hearts were sold on the cocker even more so.
So then we got our buff girl Ginger (D.O.B. May 15/93) who passed away at 11 years old in November 2004. Ginger successfully completed both her Companion Dog title “CD” and her Canine Good Citizen title “CGC” After Ginger turned two years of age we had the health checks done by the veterinarian. We bred Ginger and Nick and they had five beautiful babies. Both litters Ginger had were happy healthy little cockers who have made their owners very happy and me proud.

From Gingers last litter we kept one of her daughters Abby. D.O.B. May 4/99, but we lost our Abby to the cryptococcus disease on February 4, 2003. Abby was extremely intelligent and also achieved her CD, and CGC titles.

Having decided that Abby needed a sister we found our Bailey. Bailey is a Parti color black and white from Delamatchas Kennels. Bailey was born February 23, 2000. She has not only achieved her Championship in conformation but also other titles (Check her page for updates). We are very proud of this little one. You can see Bailey’s pedigree on her page under “The Girls”

Then came our Twins, Denzil’N Heathers Sir Willy and chocolate tri boy who has the stunning personality that is hard to miss. People always remember Willy so we are left in the bleachers LOL Willy has his Championship title from Conformation, and also has other titles. (Check his page for updates) D.O.B. February 26, 2002.

Now Willy’s twin is not exactly a twin but we adopted the two at the same time. Her D.O.B February 27, 2002 S’Posan Magic Spots HLV “Maggie Mae” was my dream girl. She was a beautiful red and white love. Sandy Roland and Jan Sauer did me the most wonderful gift of allowing me to adopt this beautiful baby. She will be in our hearts forever and we will be forever grateful to S’Posan Cockers. Unfortunately we lost Maggie Mae to cryptococcus a month before Abby. You can see pictures of Maggie, Abby and Nicker as well as Ginger under the “Memory” heading.

I have very few breeding as I spend so much time with them in house training and socialization that I find a rest from raising pups is very welcome. They sure do keep you busy. I expect my next litter will be in the list under the “Litters” section. But I will have plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate for some more puppy kisses!

If you are interested in our pups please feel free to call or talk to myself or my husband Sakari – we love to brag. If you would like you could put your name on a list of potential adoptive parents and fill out an information sheet for the next litter.

Please note that we do not sell nor adopt puppies for breeding. We are however willing to talk to anyone who is interested in getting into the hobby of showing family cocker spaniels. 

Heather and the crew